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The Argus Store - very useful ECHELON ideas for ve
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Welcome to the Argus Store, an UNofficial store for all your 30secondstomars needings! This is a store where we sell…ideas, those which the EMI-commerce doesn’t offer you. Show off your MARS-ness, let them see your colors!
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Apokolokyntosis - in bello virtus [userpic]

Feeling sick? Winter's illness hit you? Or you're a little low on energy? Don't feel like standing up and do what you have or simply have no motivation? Need help? Try our new pharmaceutical product: MARSADIN 30!
Marsadin 30 comes in 12 phials of energizing, sweet liquid that will surely make you feel better! To give you all the ECHELON power you need to face your struggles! Try it now!

We hereby state that MARSADIN30 IS NOT A REAL MEDICINE. It is just a joke. The name, logo and package is created by apokolokyntosis for the argus_store community only.

Location: store
Mood: soresore
Music: Rammstein - Reise reise
Apokolokyntosis - in bello virtus [userpic]

Celebrating today the Grand Opening of the argus_store Pins Division
Finally available on the store the 100% handmade (thanks to our powerful PurplePinmaker) badges in multiple sets! Browse our brand now 4 sets and decide wich one is the best!

Featuring today:
- the ECHELON badge pack
- the Mithra badge pack
- the HA-HA! Badges Marslaugh pack
- the Croatian badge pack

Pack #01:
the ECHELON badge pack.
4x30mm diameter badges.

1 pierrot red badge
1 mithra black grade badge
1 echelon cross white badge
1 skull seal red badge

Pack #02:
the Mithra badge pack.
4x30mm diameter badges.

1 keeper of the gate black badge
1 red italianechelon cross red badge
1 ecologic echelon light blue badge
1 marsarmy white badge

Pack #03:
the Croatian Badge Pack
4x30mm diameter badges.

1 Photoshoot Tomo badge
1 Tomo Heart-shaped badge
1 Tomo-on-stage badge
1 Tomo-Lespaul Festivalbar badge

Pack #04:
the HA-HA! Badges Marslaugh pack
4x30mm diameter badges

1 "Pusi mi Kurac" croatian quote badge
1 "Save a horse, ride a shanimal" badge
1 30secondstomars beardy band "Please help, call 166-166-6277" badge
1 Jared From Yesterday "DIVA" badge

And thanks again fro browsing the store! More merch coming soon!

Location: store
Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Music: Poetso of the Fall - Overboard
Apokolokyntosis - in bello virtus [userpic]

After the great succed in the 30secondstomars Official Bulletin Board, finally the Argus Apocraphex shirts are added to the argus_store ! Enjoy this red and black version for ladies, gentlemen...and for the happy ECHELON couple!

For the Ladies and for the Gentlemen - red


For the happy ECHELON couple - red

For the Ladies and the Gentlemen - black

Thank you for browsing the store!

Location: store
Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Music: Mika - Relax
Apokolokyntosis - in bello virtus [userpic]

Coming soon your favourite joke-store ever! Come, join, suggest and feel the ECHELONness!

Location: store
Mood: busybusy
Music: 30secondstomars - Valhalla
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