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The Argus Store - very useful ECHELON ideas for ve
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Welcome to the Argus Store, an UNofficial store for all your 30secondstomars needings! This is a store where we sell…ideas, those which the EMI-commerce doesn’t offer you. Show off your MARS-ness, let them see your colors!
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Apokolokyntosis - in bello virtus [userpic]

Celebrating today the Grand Opening of the argus_store Pins Division
Finally available on the store the 100% handmade (thanks to our powerful PurplePinmaker) badges in multiple sets! Browse our brand now 4 sets and decide wich one is the best!

Featuring today:
- the ECHELON badge pack
- the Mithra badge pack
- the HA-HA! Badges Marslaugh pack
- the Croatian badge pack

Pack #01:
the ECHELON badge pack.
4x30mm diameter badges.

1 pierrot red badge
1 mithra black grade badge
1 echelon cross white badge
1 skull seal red badge

Pack #02:
the Mithra badge pack.
4x30mm diameter badges.

1 keeper of the gate black badge
1 red italianechelon cross red badge
1 ecologic echelon light blue badge
1 marsarmy white badge

Pack #03:
the Croatian Badge Pack
4x30mm diameter badges.

1 Photoshoot Tomo badge
1 Tomo Heart-shaped badge
1 Tomo-on-stage badge
1 Tomo-Lespaul Festivalbar badge

Pack #04:
the HA-HA! Badges Marslaugh pack
4x30mm diameter badges

1 "Pusi mi Kurac" croatian quote badge
1 "Save a horse, ride a shanimal" badge
1 30secondstomars beardy band "Please help, call 166-166-6277" badge
1 Jared From Yesterday "DIVA" badge

And thanks again fro browsing the store! More merch coming soon!

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Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Music: Poetso of the Fall - Overboard

Ma perchè questa roba non è DAVVERO in vendita???
Io le comprerei TUTTE *---------*

Well .... really hard decision ... first set is cute - very stylish ... second set is very phoenix-y, nice - the third set ... hmmm can't read what it says and the pictures don't look familiar to me ... hmmm wonder who that is ...

Okay fuck that -the CROATIAN SET!!! *duh* - no other choice for me - was there ever any doubt!

Now ... where do I get my hands on them Frank?? *waits with credit card*